The Xtra-Dimensional approach actually grew out of my desire to portray the fluidity, movement, and reflections that are evident when you look at a lake or pond – but are missing in a simple photograph. My first attempt was a 12″ x 16″ rendering of a picture I took from my kayak off Dollar Point in Lake Tahoe, and my second attempt was with a photo from my friend Brian Metcalf from his koi pond.

1st tries.jpg

Those early attempts led me to refine the approach and to introduce additional fluidity into the patterns.

Tahoe Space-Time (26″ x 38″)

Hidden Beach Triptych (26″ x 22″ x 3)

Tahoe Silver (24-1/2″ x 38″)

Tahoe Water Colors (29″ x 38″)

Tahoe Electric (29″ x 38″)



Dollar Point Reflections (29″ x 38″)


DPR-II.side reflect.jpg

Sand Harbor Serene (18-1/2″ x 26″)

TVE and SHS.jpg

Wailea Waters (18″ x 22″)

Wailea Waters-trim.jpg

Wailea Waves (29″ x 38″)

For this image I experimented with a simple wave pattern running diagonally across the piece, like a swell moving through the water.  The angled view shows the added 3-dimensionality which is emphasized by the frame.

L Side w Frame.jpg

Side reflect w Frame.jpg

Tahoe Blue (24″ x 75″)

For this very peaceful view of the lake surface, I also used a simple wave relief across the piece, emphasized by the surrounding frame.

Lit with frame.jpg

Spotted Dolphins (22″ x 38″)

I was very pleased to be able to work with an image by Juan José Pucci ( that was “highly honored” in the Alert Diver “Ocean Views 2016” photography contest.  For this piece, the pattern of the picture components tries to capture the movement of the dolphin pod, which appears to be swimming through the clouds that are reflected by the undulating surface of the water.


Tahoe Emeralds (36″ x 48″)


TE-detail & back.jpg

Chinquapin Ripples (48″ x 36″)


Reflected Rocks (30″ x 72″)

Reflected Rocks-R.jpg

With different lighting

Reflected Rocks.jpg

Tahoe Gold (24″ x 36″)

Tahoe Gold pair.jpg

Crystal Bay Ripples (24″ x 36″)

CBR pair.jpg

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