Unicorn Fish School (26″ x 36″ x 3″)

Photograph by Jeff Yonover

My scuba diving buddy Jeff Yonover takes some incredible underwater pictures (check out jeffyonover.com). Many underwater scenes have shapes and additional dimensions beyond what can be conveyed 2-dimensionally. These pictures gave me a chance to experiment with a curved support (yet another dimension!) to capture the feel of a school of a fish, and a hexagonal pattern to match how coral polyps can pack together.




Red-Tooth Trigger Fish of Banda Neira (34″ x 50″)

Photograph by Jeff Yonover

Trigger Fish.jpg

Trigger Fish-detail.jpgTrigger Fish-side.jpg

Triple Fin on Star Coral (24″ x 35″)

Photograph by Jeff Yonover


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