Energy Wave (26″ x 38″)

Photograph by Russell Ord

Russell Ord takes some amazing photographs from the surfing spots near his home in Margaret River, Western Australia.  For “Energy Wave”, I used a complex curving pattern to try to capture the wave’s progression from a smooth rise at the lower left to the fragmenting, almost crystalline lip at the upper right.

Unicorn Fish School (26″ x 36″ x 3″)

Photograph by Jeff Yonover

My scuba diving buddy Jeff Yonover takes some incredible underwater pictures (check out Many underwater scenes have shapes and additional dimensions beyond what can be conveyed 2-dimensionally. These pictures gave me a chance to experiment with a curved support (yet another dimension!) to capture the feel of a school of a fish, and a hexagonal pattern to match how coral polyps can pack together.




Red-Tooth Trigger Fish of Banda Neira (34″ x 50″)

Photograph by Jeff Yonover

Trigger Fish.jpg

Trigger Fish-detail.jpgTrigger Fish-side.jpg

Triple Fin on Star Coral (24″ x 35″)

Photograph by Jeff Yonover


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