In addition to the images illustrated in the other Xtra-Dimensional pages, I have also used the approach to enhance abstract and other designs.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trio (each 26″ x 18″)

Photographs by Paul Kozal

This series uses Paul Kozal’s photographs of rainbow eucalyptus trees taken along the road to Hana in Maui.  The trio of pieces provides a vibrant blend of colors, each piece with a different pattern for the individual components.

All three-front

All three-side

Pastel Seas Trio (each 26″ x 22″)

Photographs by Paul Kozal

Paul Kozal has a beautiful series of photographs of the ocean surface as the sun sets on the California north coast.   Related in color, these images have different energies and movement that I tried to capture with different patterns in three commissioned pieces.

#1 Montage.jpg

#2 Montage.jpg

#3 Montage.jpg


Reflection Blues (38″ x 28″)

Photograph by Brad Baker

Brad Baker, a new collaborator from Australia, has some beautiful photographs of water surfaces and reflections.  For “Reflection Blues”, I try to capture the mysterious feeling of the reflected light on the water with components that alternatively curve up, then down, like the ripples themselves.


Delta Sunset (23-1/2″ x 63″)

Photograph by Paul Bartlett

Sometimes nature paints a picture for us!  I took the photograph for “Delta Sunset” while I was kayaking on the Napa River by Vallejo.  But the picture was taken around noon, and it’s not of the sky but of the rusty side of a boat moored at Mare Island…




Frozen River – El Capitan (35″ x 30-1/2″)

Photograph by Elizabeth Carmel

To complement Elizabeth Carmel’s striking photograph of El Capitan, reflected in a frozen river studded with pine needles, I introduced a lot of angularity and then extended the aluminum pieces beyond the picture borders as if the image components were mounted on ice shards themselves. And then for fun, I used blue Oranjeboom beer cans for the entire piece.)

Frozen River-front.jpg

Frozen River-side unlit.jpg


Sand Feathers (32″ x 32″)

Photograph by Paul Kozal

Paul Kozal’s photographs of the end-of-day light on a north coast beach show patterns that seem more like the feathers of a bird wing or a progression of waves on a smooth sea than the patterns made by water flowing across the sand.   What you see in the Xtra-Dimensional pieces change with the lighting and point of view, as if you were on the beach itself.

Sand Feathers-30-F-s.jpg

Sand Feathers-30-L-s.jpg

Sand Ripples (22″ x 22″ and 32″ x 32″)

Photograph by Paul Kozal

Sand Ripples-2.30x30.jpg

Sand Ripples-L-2.jpg

Aspen Mirror (32-1/2″ x 32-1/2″)

Photograph by Elizabeth Carmel

Front lit


Conflict: USNS Ponchatoula (22″ x 32″)

While kayaking among the mothball fleet moored in Suisun Bay in the Sacramento Delta, I was struck by the colorful patterns on the sides of the rusting old ships. “Conflict” came from the side of USNS Ponchatoula, perhaps appropriate for a supply ship that served in both the Vietnam and Gulf wars. The ship has since been removed from California and scrapped in Texas; her history is described here.




Starry Night (24″ x 16″)

Photograph by Paul Kozal

Layers of 4-point stars complement Paul Kozal’s dramatic photograph of a Sea Ranch cypress stand silhouetted against the Milky Way.

03.Starry Night-front.jpg


Andromeda Galaxy (22″ x 34″)

Mosaic image by Robert Gendler

For Robert Gendler’s iconic image of the Andromeda Galaxy, I used 4-point star components,  shaped and mounted so that a star-like pattern is generated when the piece is lit from the back.



Interface (22″ x 34″)

Drawing by Logan Vincent

My nephew Logan did a crayon drawing that also struck me as a beautiful image to be constructed of multiple pieces and multiple layers.


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