3-Dimensionality has always interested me.
Before embarking on an exploration of the world of “Xtra-Dimensions”, I was a professor of chemistry at UC Berkeley. I taught organic chemistry and my research concerned molecules involved in natural biological processes. The chemistry of these molecules depends on their structures, and their shapes in 3-dimensions play a key role.

Capturing more than just the single moment.
The concept underlying my artistic efforts grew out of a desire to convey the 3-dimensions and movement that we know are present in a real-life scene but are absent in a simple photograph. Inspired by the dynamic elements of the surface of Lake Tahoe, my earliest work aimed to recreate those missing dimensions in pictures of the water surface. By creating physical depth in my artwork, I wanted to portray the movement of the ripples and reflections as they change from one moment to the next and with the angle of view.

More than just a jig-saw puzzle at different levels.
The “Xtra-Dimensional” approach that evolved presents the image as separate components in a number of layers, thus adding a 3rd dimension to the piece. Segments of a photographic print are adhered to flattened metal sheets derived from aluminum cans, and these components are glued to posts of different heights above a panel of acrylic plastic. The components of the different layers overlap so that together they recreate the complete image. Additional elements in the design are the shapes of the components themselves and how they are arranged. These patterns are complementary to the image as a whole, creating yet another dimension and bringing out the dynamic elements of the real-life scene.  “Crystal Bay Ripples,” one of my first pieces,  shows both why and how I developed this approach.



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